Wednesday, April 18, 2012

National Library Week Celebrated @ your library

Every April, libraries are honored with a national observance to promote library use and their contributions.  This month, our Ready to Read Storytimes celebrated our library with parents and children.  At the end of the programs, children had the opportunity to receive a free book courtesy of Verizon. Look out for National Library Week next year for fun activities! Take a look at the pictures below for some of the activities.

Preschool Storytime @ 11am on Wednesdays
Children and parents danced to silly songs and heard stories about visiting the library. Afterwards, children colored and wrote in a book created by our staff member, Angie.  Children enjoyed cupcakes and a good book to take home.

Family Storytime @ 11am on Saturdays
Our storytime focused on the letter I for "I love my library!"  Children earned the opportunity to toss bean bags in the children's area after rolling a dice with letters.  All they had to do was provide a word that began with the letter.  Also, children were tested on how well they knew their library with a scavenger hunt.  With their parents help, they searched for a librarian, items in different areas of the library and other services provided by the library.  The top three to complete a correct search won a book! At the end of the program, children posted why they loved coming to the library.  Also, children received a book at the Check-Out counter when they presented their storytime attendance stamp.

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