Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fun Workshops @ your Library

Our library is fortunate to have a talented and dedicated staff. Today, two of our staff members shared some of their knowledge with our library patrons.

Paper Airplane Workshop with Daniel
Parents and children participating in our paper airplane workshop learned the parts of a paper airplane and important factors to consider when making a paper airplane. With great presentation aids, Daniel was able to teach our participants some simple and complicated paper airplanes. He stressed the importance of careful folding and symmetry. No fancy materials were needed but a plain sheet of white copier paper.

Metal Embossing/Repujado with Carol
New this summer, our metal embossing/repujado workshop gave adults an opportunity to learn a new technique.  Everyone can be an artist using this technique. Some mentioned it was quite relaxing and meditative.  Metal embossing creates a design on a metal sheet by creating a raised effect on the opposite side.


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