Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Special Programs / Programas Especiales

New PC Management System
Do you have a Library Card and a PIN Number?
The New PC Management System will require a library card and a PIN Number for computer access. A PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a four-digit number that you choose while visting our library.

>>Click on the image to review our New User Policies<<

Do you have overdue books?
Want to avoid the fines?
February 23-March 7, 2009
During this time, anyone with overdue library
materials may return them to the library without
penalty. No fines will be charged during that week, provided that the library books and materials are returned in good condition.
>>Click here for more information<<

Lincoln's Birthday - February 12th
Want to find out more about Abraham Lincoln?
Click on his picture and find what our libraries have available.
Internet Resources are also recommended!

LearningExpress Library - Online Help
A comprehensive, interactive online learning platform of practice tests and tutorial course series designed to help patrons—students and adult learners—succeed on the academic or licensing tests they must pass. You'll get immediate scoring, complete answer explanations, and an individualized analysis of your results.
Examples of practice tests:
- US Citizenship
- Civil Service exams
- and MORE!
To use the LearningExpress Library:
Visit http://www.elpasolibrary.org/ and

click on the light bulb icon on the bottom left for LEARNINGEXPRESS.
Once you are on the LearningExpress website, you must create an account.
To access your account in the future, you will need to visit the link to the left (light bulb) and enter your username and password.
Let's us know what you think!

Recycling Your Television/Electronics in El Paso
Have you replaced your old television?
Want to recycle it?
The City of El Paso Environmental Services Department is considering establishing an electronics recycling program. In the meanwhile, explore our local options for recycling your electronics (televisions, cell phones, computers and fax machines).
>>Click here for your Local Recycling Options of Electronics<<

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