Monday, December 1, 2008

From the Page to the Screen

Choke by Chuck Palahniuk

May I start off with this is a girl’s interpretation of a “Man” type genre.

Let us start with a summary of the story plot itself: Victor Manccini is a medical school drop out who works as a historical impersonator. His income is not enough to provide for himself and his mother so he chokes on food at restaurants to pay for his mom’s medical expenses. His best friend is Denny. Along the way his friend Denny meets a stripper Cherry Daiquiri, and Victor meets a doctor, Paige Marshall, at his mom’s mental facility.

Book: The book gives a better insight to Victor’s personal character, an emotionally detached sex addict who has a certain “gift” (for lack of a better word) for comforting other people without the intent to do so. With Victor’s negative perspective on life, his friend Denny is a simpleton who provides a good contrast in character with a positive attitude and has a “gift” of having sort of a savant quality to him.

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Movie: Without any background of the story, the movie may not be the most exciting to watch but it did have good acting. Although the movie did take away a lot from Denny’s character, it did a good job focusing on the relationship between Victor and his mentally disabled mother. I particularly like how they worked in the stories of Victor’s childhood, when his mom would steal him, into flashbacks. All in all, the movie would be better enjoyed after reading the book.

Val's Review: Cool Book, a good read. An Ok Movie.

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